We proudly service residential and commercial customers throughout western New York, including Buffalo and Rochester. We are also serving Sarasota, Fort Meyers and Naples, Florida.


Our services include deep cleaning, honing and polishing, sealing and protecting, stripping, lippage removal, etch removal, stain removal, crack and chip repair, color enhancing, maintenance, consultation, and more.

We are experts with a passion for restoring, protecting and maintaining your floors, countertops, showers and baths, patio and pool surrounds, and other outdoor spaces, and just about anywhere else, for residential and commercial properties. We provide superior services at competitive prices for all types of natural stone… marble, limestone, travertine, granite, slate, as well as engineered stone and every type of tile and grout. You’ll be amazed at what we can achieve with terrazzo, concrete, metal, and even glass. Learn more about how we can meet your needs.

Stone and tile Stone

Don’t replace scratched, chipped, etched, or dulled stone floors, countertops, showers, walls, and other surfaces. Our expert technicians can clean, grind, hone, polish, repair, and restore it. We also provide enhancing, sealing, stripping, and other stone services. Your stone can look brand new again. [Learn more…]

Terrazzo PolishingTerrazzo

Terrazzo that is yellowed with layer upon layer of coatings can be honed and polished with a natural finish, using the same techniques used in marble restoration. Our natural polish actually eliminates the need for continuous stripping and reapplication of waxes or coatings… [Learn more…]

MetalTile and Grout

Our professional tile and grout deep cleaning services achieve dramatic results that are simply not possible with hand scrubbing, mopping, and regular cleaning methods. We also replace tiles, repair grout, seal and color seal grout lines, and apply high performance coatings. [Learn more…]

MetalSpecialty Coatings

From epoxy coatings, either clear or in an unlimited color palette, to urethane top coats to polyaspartics, we provide seamless, flexible, waterproof coatings to meet your flooring needs. Certified Stone Professionals is one of the most experienced and respected floor coating companies in western New York. [Learn more…]

For a FREE estimate on specialty coatings, professional honing, polishing, cleaning, sealing, disinfecting and other restoration services for stone, terrazzo, concrete, and tile and grout throughout Western New York, including Rochester and Buffalo, contact us online or call (716) 759-4200 today.

Repairs and Restoration

Have your floors and surfaces become dull and lifeless? Do you have scratches, cracks or chips? Do you have unevenly laid tiles? Don't replace them. We can restore them.

Sealing and Protecting

We are somewhat obsessive about using premium quality sealers. We carefully select the most appropriate product for your particular needs and use only proper application methods.

Specialty Sealers

We offer the latest, most state-of-the-art solutions to increase slip resistance, provide chemical resistance, and deliver beautiful, long lasting, low maintenance finish protection.

Decorative Treatments

From decorative concrete solutions to changing the finish on your natural stone from honed to polished or vice versa, we deliver with style.

Maintenance Programs

Our regular maintenance programs are tailored to your specific needs and budget to keep your floors looking their best at all times.